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He was seven pounds, but had the courage of a doberman.  He loved everyone.  When we had guests, he would growl at us to pick him up so he could be a part of the conversation.  He loved to lay in the grass just outside our patio and stare at the fence of our neighbors where three cats lived.  If he saw one he would run to the fence and peek through the slats and growl.  The cats would tease him by rolling around on the sidewalk in front of him in the sun.  He knew the word nap; he loved to curl up along side your tummy, and would stay with you till you woke up.  He knew how to spell treat; each evening after dinner he demanded his treat.  I would make him work for it by asking him to speak.  I gave the command, give me a T, he would bark, then an R, and he would bark, and so on till he spelled the word treat.  Then he would become excited and just bark repeatedly till I said, "okay let's go get your treat!"  He was our "just say no" dog.  I gave him a taste of beer once on my little finger; he was always so curious and thought he had to know everything  you were doing.  He tasted the beer, and all of a sudden run away and start to wipe his face on the carpet trying to erase the taste.  Afterword I would say, "here Georgie have a taste, "  he would just start shaking his head no frantically - alas, our "just say no" dog.   He loved ice cream and cheese.  Sometimes he would sneak lick my coffee when I wasn't looking.  He always sat with me in the morning while I was reading the paper, as soon as he heard Jamie's alarm go off he would jump down, and I would have to let him in the room so he could greet Jamie.  He loved to climb the landing of the stairs to the second floor.  Once there, he would look through the railings at the highest point.    I would call him down and as soon as he reached the level closet to you, he would stick his head through the railing and lick you on the face.  He knew when company was coming.  I would say, Andrew (Jaime's son) is coming, he would stand guard in the hallway and look out the windows that ran along side the door to see if he could see him.  He would hear the garage door go up in the afternoon and know that Jamie was home.  He would run to the windows at the door and look ouside to get a glimsp of Jamie going to check the mail, then run to the laundry room door to greet him.
He was curious since the day he was born, that's how he got his name, "Curious George!"  He was the joy of our life.  We gave him love and he gave it back ten-times-fold.  He was small, but he had the heart of goliath, and the roar of a lion! 

Rose and Jamie S.

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