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Freddie Jo

  Freddie Jo

We remember the day Freddie Jo joined our family and the day we said goodbye.  It was just a short 10 years between those two days ... from puppyhood to her final illness.  We learned to enjoy life through her.  She loved playing soccer ball, playing in her wading pool, long walks in the park, camping and hiking.  She had baskets of toys, but her most favorite was her hedgehog.  She was a special dog at Tails-A-Wagging doggie day care, where she was selected Pet of the Month for April 2006.  Freddie Jo shared her home with Roger, her "Dad" and pack leader; Theresa, her "Mom;" Ebony, her cat sister; and Shadow, her cat brother.   There are many pictures of the three "children" asleep together on the bed.
Freddie Jo went everywhere with us.  She ran errands around town, went for  drives for walks in the nearby State Parks, went on trips in our RV, (where she had her own bed, of course), and actually knew how to read the signs that marked trails in all the campgrounds.  She loved snow, and truly enjoyed her trips to Mt. Baker.  While we were at work she either hung out in the house, or in her doghouse/kennel, which was described by many people as "plush."  We admit we do spoil our "children."
Freddie Jo loved to eat, and even taught her "siblings" how to beg for treats.  She especially loved the treats at the vet, and if it wasn't for her weight, you would have thought we never fed her at home. 
Freddie Jo had her share of medical experiences ... from a broken foot as a puppy, to two knee reconstructions by the specialists at the Canada West Veterinary Specialists and Critical Care Hospital in Vancouver, BC, to various visits to the Emergency Vet Clinic in Bellingham (bee stings, etc.), to her final illness of congestive heart failure.   Freddie Jo's vet, Dr. Trimble worked tirelessly to improve Freddie Jo's condition, but it was not to be.  We can't thank the vets and staff at Village Veterinary Hospital enough for all the care they gave Freddie Jo (and us) through her entire life ... we know they miss her as much as we do. 
We said goodbye to Ebony in 2004, so we know Freddie Jo and Ebony are playing and sleeping together and waiting until we join them (along with Critter, who we said goodbye to in 1993). 
Freddie Jo - we love you and miss you so much, but we know you are healthy now, and waiting and watching for your pack leader as you did whenever Roger was away. 

Theresa and Roger G.

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