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Fiji was born June 30th, 2006, on a lovely summer day. She was the smallest of the litter, and the blackest black cat I will probably ever see. Even the inside of her ears were black. While her sisters and brothers grew up playing and wrestling, and loving on anyone who paid them attention, Fiji was always the one sitting, and watching, trying to figure things out, she was the smartest cat I have ever known. If you left a black coat or bag on the floor, she would make it her bed, I know cats aren’t supposed to know what color they are, but anyone who knew Fiji, knew, that she knew. Fiji was very shy, but never towards me, when I was doing laundry or some other tedious chore, she would sit by my feet and just meow, trying to get my attention.  

  She always flipped her tail when I called her, then she would come running. She always came when I called. Around the beginning of June, she started getting horrible dizzy spells that would send her spinning. Eventually they would get so bad, she couldn’t walk or feed herself. I took her to the Haigh Veterinary clinic immediately, the tests proved inconclusive, so they recommended a Neurological specialist in Tacoma. They told me, that what she had, she was born with. It was a brain deformity. And it was incurable. The only solace I got from the whole situation, was knowing that Fiji really was very intelligent. Because even at her worst, she would always purr when you needed her to. Her very last breath was spent purring, with me right there with her. I think about her every day.

The Tahja Family

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