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Dr. Kelly was Ezekiel’s Primary Veterinarian for the 10 years Ezekiel shared my life, and I could not have wanted for better, more caring or competent medical monitoring and treatment. 
I am hearing impaired, and while I am a proficient lip reader, there are many things one needs to be aware of that do not have lips, such as door-bells, telephones, smoke alarms and tea-kettles, to name a few.  It was Ezekiel’s job to alert me to these things.  Over the years, he not only did that, but also enlarged his skull base to keep me safe and well informed.  He identified a number of things he decided I needed to know about, and incorporated new “Alerts” into his skills.  Last spring for instance, at a Conference we attended, he decided that it would be useful for me to know when an individual tried to get my attention from behind me by saying my name.  So, on his own initiative, he started to gently, but firmly step in front of me and stop me.  It took me a little while to figure out what that “Alert” meant, but since each time this new “Alert” was followed by an individual touching my shoulder (the traditional way to catch my attention if you are not in the field of vision) it did not take too long.


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