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“Ed’s here! Ed’s here!” That was the welcome chorus we’d hear every time we took our cat Ed to Greenlake Animal Hospital. During his 7 month fight, Ed would visit “his staff” sometimes once a week – often more. And every time, people would comment how mellow he was – how great he was – how sweet he was. They’d have to pass him around and everyone would pet him before returning him to his pet carrier. Needless to say, Ed was not your typical vet hospital client.
In fact, Ed was not typical at all. Ed was a warrior. He was only 5 years old when diagnosed with end stage chronic renal failure in March 2007, and he was not expected to live much past his diagnosis. Ed, however, had his own ideas. With the compassion and guidance of the staff at Greenlake, his loving parents, and his own true grit, Ed fought hard for 7 months and taught us all what it means to keep fighting even when the odds are against you.
At one point, this amazing grey and white fur ball had everyone stumped. The infamous numbers that are tracked when cats are in kidney failure were all doom and gloom. Toward the end of Ed’s battle, they were really bad. He was severely anemic but he acted without pain or discomfort. I had to ask Dr. Mortimer if I was crazy..was it cruel to keep Ed alive when his numbers were so bad. Dr. Mortimer shook his head and said, “Look at him. He’s not in distress. Just keep doing what you’re doing, but be prepared.”  When he left the room, I heard him tell his colleagues in the hall, “Ed is astonishing. He is defying all Western medicine.”  
In the end, Ed wasn’t immortal (as we were all starting to hope and believe). We had to say goodbye to him, and I had to learn more about the unimaginable pain that comes with great love. We often hear talk about the human spirit – but with Ed, I encountered a true animal spirit and witnessed how the two spirits can intermingle and create miracles. He taught us so many lessons during his last 7 months on earth.
We love and miss you, Mr. Ed.

Michelle B.


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