College of Veterinary Medicine

In Memory of Our Beloved...



Six and half years ago, five year old Dusty was
rescued from a horrible condition. Her previous owner
neglected her with a rotten food and no cover on her
outside small cage under the pouring rain.
At first, she even tried to bite me when I tried to
feed her, due to a lack of human contact. But as soon
as I held her and pet her, she began to lick me.
Ever since she was not only an angel to me, but to my
other rabbits. Even she was so nice to Minky, my
another rabbit who always attacked her from the day 1.
When Minky became old, deaf and blind, Dusty groomed
her and became her dear friend until Minky died.
Dusty taught me how to love others showing her
unconditional love. I know Dusty was an exceptional
rabbit. There will be no rabbit like her in this world
ever again.
That's why I miss my baby Dusty so much, who went to
heaven at age 11.



Ji yon C.


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