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In Memory of Our Beloved...



Duggan was our companion for nearly 16 years. We remember the first time he experienced walking in grass. The grass was nearly as tall as him and he was so tentative, sticking his paw in to test ever so cautiously. Eventually, he grew up to be a wonderful in-door and out-door cat. In his youth he'd hunt birds and mice - he was so proud he'd lay them at the back door for all to see :-) Duggan, was very intelligent and vocal, he'd let us know when he was hungry - meow, meow, meow or if he wanted outside - meow, meow, meow. Duggan was affectionate from the time he was a kitten. In his later years, he was comfortable to stay in-doors all the time and just wanted to be in the same room, same chair, and even sleep in the same bed.

Duggan will be missed, but never forgotten.

Ken K. and Amphorn H.

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