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We got Dottie from the pound when she was about 9 months old. I wanted an Irish Setter (we'd had one previously) and my young son wanted a black lab. The papers said that "our girl" was Lab/Irish Setter/Retriever....we had our mix...both of us were happy. Her hair was blond close to her skin, then turned red, and was black on the tips. Technically, she was my son's dog, but she faithfully slept in my room until she died. But Nick fed her every day before school, and he played with her religiously as she, and he, grew up. They were better pals then I ever expected.

Almost 2 years ago, I had to move to Yakima from Pasco. My two children had both gone off to college and it was just me and Dottie in a strange town. By this time, Dottie was almost 15 years old and the move and changes were not easy for her. She was a suburbs dog in Pasco, and now had to be a city dog in Yakima. But we enjoyed our walks through my historic neighborhood. She kept me company when I hadn't yet had the opportunity to meet any new friends here.

  She loved her walks, and even though sometimes I didn't want to go, she would stare at me with those beautiful brown eyes until I would get her leash and away we would go. I haven't walked the neighborhood since she passed on November 10th. It is always a difficult decision to have a loved animal and friend put to rest. My son and daughter both came home from college that weekend, and we said goodbye to a trusted friend.

I thank Companion Animal Hospital in Yakima for being so compassionate with us and for making a contribution to WSU in her name. I've had lots of animals in my life; from cats, to dogs, to horses. And each Vet that helped me with me animals, also became a friend that I could trust. Many hailed from WSU.

Thank you again,


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