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I first laid eyes on Dolly over 16 years ago in front of the grocery store in a box labeled "free kittens". She was so timid and frightened. The owners had to retrieve her from a tree, having been chased up there by a dog.  As tiny as she was, I could hold her in the palm of my hand. Originally, I thought I would get her for my 2 year old son, so that he would leave my older cat, Dillon, alone. I was hoping that they would become attached to each other and be best friends. Well, to say  the least...HE'S A BOY!!  They never bonded.  I was always running to protect her.  She had her own room, as my first cat, Dillon, was "King of the Castle".  I would try to introduce the two of them, but Dolly was just too aggressive toward Dillon, so I had to keep them separated.  Maybe a little sibling I think she wanted all the attention from me. I shared  my exercise room with her...we worked out together every day. I pamper my cats to the extreme.  On Dolly's first night with us, I slept on the floor in her room so that she would feel safe and not be frightened of her new surroundings.  I had to rotate  Dillon and Dolly through out the day.
When I lost Dillon, she then had the run of the house,  but for the most part, preferred the safety
of a room far away from everyone else.  Once in a while we would  see her stroll through the living room, just to check things out.  Dolly was a feisty little thing, but she was also the epitome of a "Scaredy Cat".  However, when I would go into her room and her arms would wrap around my neck, I could feel her love and trust...even though I am the only one to ever get it. The last few years have been so difficult for her. She just wanted me  to hold her in my arms all the time.  Sometimes she would look at me as to say, "Help me Mom, I don't feel well... and I'm afraid."  I hated the fact that she was so miserable.  I felt so helpless. 

I will never forget the embrace of those furry little paws hugging me, and the love of such a wonderful Dolly. 

Nancy B.

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