College of Veterinary Medicine

In Memory of Our Beloved...


As you may be able to guess from her name, she was a Southern girl.  Born in Georgia and raised in the South most of her life, she loved swimming in the lake and hiking in the mountains.  Mostly, she loved being with us, no matter what we were doing.  Like the loving and faithful friend that she was, she followed us to Washington State in the fall of 2005.  Here, she acclimated well and learned to love all the outdoor activities that the Northwest has to offer.  As you can tell from the attached photo, she even loved the snow and had a ball romping and playing on Mount Hood.  This photo was made one gloriously beautiful December day.  Our hearts are broken and our loss seems inconsolable.  The pain of her death is immense.  She brought such love and joy to all who knew her. 
We will never forget her.

Joan and Ted P.

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