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In Memory of Our Beloved...



Words can never truly express the emotions involved with the death of such a loving pet as our Diamond. The choice to lay her to rest was difficult. Diamond needed to be relieved of the agony and pain of cancer that was spreading through her body. Diamond's courage and gratitude for life, even after her front leg was removed, made me realize how much I have learned from her enthusiasm. To hold her head in my hands and look straight into Diamonds beautiful brown eyes while her Doctor injected her was one of the most emotionally overwhelming moments in my life. I was so gratified to have the courage to be with her as she fell to 'sleep'.  Our family has been very privileged to have the staff at Desert Veterinary Clinic, here in Richland Washington, attend to all of Diamonds needs. Then to have the WSU staff and students recognize the Robbert family's loss was so touching that I was even more excited to be a life long 'Coug'. Thank you from the depths of my soul for caring enough to address our family at a time when we did feel such a vacancy in our daily lives. I originally  did not want this 'pet' but I was blessed with the opportunity to grow very close to Diamond as a pup and then as a beautiful adult. She was able to brighten each day for me and our family. She will always be remembered for her love of life even during illness. If only we humans could be as gratified for our lives and as valiant during times of health as well as times of illness........! Thank you again for your support. 

The Robbert Family




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