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Dakota was my absolute best friend for the last 9 years.  He was my whole world.  Dakota and I were partner's...I think that he really defined who I was.  And now that he's gone I feel like part of me is missing.  Without him I feel lost and more lonely than I ever could have imagined.  I keep waiting for it to feel better, but so far it's not getting any easier.  I miss him so bad.
I miss him sleeping in my bed...having to lift him up onto it, waiting for him to lie down and then hoping that he had left a large enough space for me.  I miss him snoring at night.
I miss him riding next to me in the truck with his head hanging out the window and his lips flapping in the wind.
I miss getting big sloppy kisses.
I miss hugging him and petting him.  He had the softest fur that I could just bury my face in and instantly feel better.  I even miss picking all of the fur off of my dark colored clothes before I walk into work.
I miss walking him 3 times a day, even though he was so lazy that most of the times I had to peel him up off of the floor and push him out the door.  My favorite part of the walks were when he would fall behind a little bit & then come galloping by me (as fast as a turtle), looking up at me with an excited smile as if to say "try to catch me mom".  I'd chase after him pretending that he just barely got away, grab at his tail & let it slide thru my hand, calling after him "oohhh, you turkey".
I miss sharing my food with him and giving him treats.  I think his favorite pastime was eating...or maybe sleeping.
I miss pulling up in the driveway and seeing him there waiting for me with his tail wagging when I got home.  
I miss him being there to comfort me when times were bad.  If something was wrong, I would sit on the floor at the end of my bed & Dakota would just know I needed him.  He'd come in and sit right next to me, lick the tears off of my face and make me feel better.  If only he were here right now.  I feel like this is when I need him more than ever.
I read the Rainbow Bridge poem and it brought a little smile to my face.  I can picture the big open field where Dakota is lounging around...sleeping away the time until I get to come be with him again.  Best friends reunited.       
            Dakota little stinkbug
            July 1998 - July 2007
            Forever loved...never forgotten

Heather F.

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