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“CREEK”  -  15 Years Old
My home and place of employment was at “Spring Creek Landscape Company” in Billings, Montana.   My sister “Spring” died last fall in 2006 – she was 15 yrs. old at the time also. Now we are Back Together! I think I died of a broken heart! (Mostly).  We were “excellent employees” and very faithful to our jobs – Mousing, Rats, Rabbit’s, Birds, Pheasants and Ground Hog elimination.  We also protected the property by patrolling our 3 acres from Skunks, Dogs, Raccoons and other cats – some very wild!  All the 12 men that worked there respected us as “Their Mascots”.  We are buried on the place over-looking the pond on the Landscape Nursery Property.  I guess we were really owned by Bobbi (who worked there for 18 years) and Maryellen.  They faithfully came there twice a day-every day, to feed, water, put us “in” at nights and take us to Shiloh Vet Hospital to sew us back together when we needed it.  They also made sure we got all our shots, de-worming, teeth cleaned and all up to date!  I think that’s why we lived so long in such a dangerous environment.  We were always so happy there. All the men cried and miss us both very much – We all loved you” SPRING” and “CREEK”- Bobbi, Maryellen and all the TUFF GUYS  at  Spring Creek Landscape Company.

Bobbie and Mike W.

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