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In Memory of Our Beloved...

Cooper Drue


To Cooper.....our brave, handsome, sweet boy.  You came to us 12 years ago when you were 6 months old.  I can still remember Helen & Kristen carrying you up the front porch.  We said, "He's kinda cute, guess we should keep him."  And later we would laugh that there was ever even a doubt.

Right away you bonded with your sister Baylie and you've been inseparable "twins" ever since.

Tommy taught you to swim and from that moment on you loved the water, swimming in your pool 3 to 5 times a day...most of the time coming through the doggie door sopping wet, waiting till inside to shake.

Hiking at Red Rock and Mt. Charleston you were a trail blazer, a rock scrambler, but never leaving our if you thought we would leave you there.  Yeah, right.

You were always so good, going along with everything, wearing whatever your mom wanted to dress you up in at Halloween and Easter and Christmas.

When you were diagnosed with cancer in April of '05 we were devastated.  But you didn't listen to the specialist when he told us that you had 4 to 6 months to live.  Such a sweet boy, you didn't deserve that hand, but you never let it get you down.  Instead, after our trip to Mexico where you swam in the ocean, chased the sand crabs, ate at all the restaurants, napped on the sand and soaked up the magic of Akumal, you stayed around to keep us happy for almost 2-1/2 more years.

You were so sad when we left for the gym every night and so happy when we returned, barking and insisting on your walk around the block where you eventually navigated the way, no collar, no leash.

Today you had one last swim, one last belly rub, one last glance around your backyard.  You were so handsome and brave right up to your last breath, not even a flinch when Dr. Hucke gave you the shot.  You looked so peaceful.  And now you will be at rest in your yard, high on the ridge next to the pool so you can watch over everything.  You are gone but your spirit will always live here.

Until we meet again on the other side of the bridge, there will be trails for sniffing, pools for swimming, cats for chasing, cheetos & biscuits for crunching, but best of all there will be no disease and no pills.

You are so handsome.  Your ears are so soft.  You are so loved.  You will be so missed.  You were the best gift, thank you for sharing your love so abundantly, so unconditionally.

Donny and Cheryl H.


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