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This is our Charli, who learned at an early age that she was faster than we were.  At six months, she was climbing the fence and running away.  Two, three hours and she’d be back -- panting, sometimes reeking of cat crap or deer guts or God knows what else.  But she was in Doggie Heaven.
As recently as last week, I took her out to go potty without a leash.  She wandered over to the grass across the driveway, squatted and peed.  Then she looked at me with that old attitude, and started trotting off in the opposite direction.  I just jogged over, grabbed her collar, and brought her back inside.  She still wanted to run.  She still thought there was an adventure or two left in her.
We don’t know if it was because she was the runt and maybe had to wait in line for her meals or not, but Charli never did care for other dogs.  Even Spooner, who has been with us for 2-1/2 years, Charli still growled and snapped at until her very last hour.  But cats and kittens, Charli loved.  Our old cat, Lizzie, had kittens and Charli used to sleep with some of them curled up next to her.  When we moved out to where we are now, we acquired two little orange kittens.  Lizzie didn’t like those kittens and would be kind of aggressive towards them.  Whenever that happened, Charli would rush over and growl at Lizzie.  I hope she’s in Doggie Heaven surrounded by lots of cats and kittens.  And chickens.  Just no other dogs!

Yeah, she wasn’t much, but she was ours.  She could shake hands (ambidextrous), speak, and she’d stay put with a biscuit sitting right in front of her all day until you said “OK.”  Sometimes we’d say “Okinawa” or “Oklahoma” just to see her start for it and then realize that we hadn’t said “OK.”  But lately, all she could do was hop about 2 inches off the ground when she knew I was going to give her a treat.  It was too much trouble for her to speak.  And if she tried to shake, she’d fall over.  She used to wake up every morning and do her Happy Dance … roll onto her back, all four feet in the air, and rub her back on the floor, making little dog grumbles.  She hadn’t done that in a long time.
She still had a pretty good appetite.  And loved to be around us, loved for us to pet her.  But she was constantly gagging and often throwing up.  She was starting to poop in the house.  She had an infection on her nose that would not go away and it was starting to effect her breathing.  We had to carry her up the stairs.  At first it was just sometimes, then most of the time.  This last week, it was all the time.  The turning point for me was when I took her out on Tuesday night, and she couldn’t make it up the little step outside our front door.  It’s only about 4 inches high and she just sat there.  And I knew that I couldn’t put her through any more.  She wanted to run.
I think she’s running now.  And doing her Happy Dance.

Cherie L.


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