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In Memory of Our Beloved...


Cashmere was the only dog that I did not want, but she was the best dog I ever had.  When Cashmere was given to me by my son Frank, it was so that he could go into the military.  At the time I already had 3 or 4 dogs and figured one more dog would be less expensive to support than my son, so I decided to take her.  What a gift, she was the most intelligent dog I have ever had.  She knew everything without having to be taught, I never had to make her mind, she just did.  She was truly my best friend, I can hardly stand that she is not here with me anymore, sometimes I hear her. At my age I will probably not get another dog and I think that hurts almost as much as not having her here.  I had her for 15 of her 16 years and miss her smile-she actually smiled, she loved me and I loved her.

Ursula F.


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