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Casey had Diabetes for three years and I had to give him insulin shots twice a day. He succumbed to Pancreitis in September and I had to put him down because he was not responding to the medicines they were giving him. It was the hardest thing Ive had to do so far in my life and that is something I will never forget. I am happy that he no longer has to have those shots and that he is no longer sick, but I miss him dearly. I have had the hardest time getting over it but I feel that it is something i will never get over because he was with me for 13 years.
I had him ever since he was a puppy and he has been through alot with me. He went through an abusive relationship with me where he was a victim too. I did not know of this until I had to take him into the emergency vet for an intestinal infection, thankfully that was all it was. I got myself and him out of that relationship very quickly, but also carefully because of previous threats. He also went through a life changing move which separated us for a month but when he came back to me it was a very happy day. After that I went through another very hard time that left me with no money for four months but I managed to keep him and my three cats at the time having plenty of food while I lived on very little. There was alot of stress and hard times but he kept my hopes high and my mood happy and comforted letting me know that the bad times would pass.
He went through relationships with me, letting me know who was good and who was not good. I considered him the only man who stayed with me through thick and thin, unlike some others. He was my little bodyguard who got upset when someone was close to me or gave me a hug. He was also the most loving dog in the world who loved everyone that he met and any animal that came up to meet him, including birds and cats. He grew up with both so those were always the ones he wanted to meet.
When I found out that he had Diabetes I cried so hard because I thought that meant I had to put him down. Dr Leese said not to worry and that we were going to do everything we can to help him and that he was going to be around for a while. He was in and out of the vet for the first six months and that gets expensive since I am a working student and I live on my own but he was worth working hard for. I went through some financial hard times but with the help of my grandparents I was able to help him and myself. I thank God everyday for my grandparents and for Casey. My grandmother is now not well and her time is getting very close which is not helping emotions at the moment because I consider her to be a big support in my life like Casey was and to lose both within a month of each other is not sitting well with me.
Before Casey passed, a friend of mine gave me her dog because she was moving to Seattle to attend the university. He has been a big help in coping with my loss and he and Casey were friends. I previously took care of him a few times before she gave him to me so I knew this dog well. He is as outgoing as Casey was and as friendly and loving. I now know why he came into my life, he was to be my support when Casey is no longer able to.
I had Casey cremated and his ashes sit in my dresser next to two of my cats that I had. I pray everyday that he is well and he is being taken care of and I hope that I made him very happy the way he made me happy.

Heather H.


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