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In loving memory of my beloved Aussie Casey

Born: October 5th. 1996 Lost his life to a tumor:  March 5th. 2007  

I lost my beloved dog, my beloved friend on March 5th. 2007 to a tumor in his stomach, my Casey was so healthy until the tumor took his life. He was 10 1/2 years old. He started vomiting and not eating off and on for a month, he would go through stages where he felt better and would eat, then he would get sick again. The vet did every test you could think of to try to  figure out what was wrong, everything came back normal. The last weekend before he died he went down hill really fast, very weak, I tried everything over the weekend to get him to eat, all he wanted to do was lay in the garage on the cement floor.  

It took all he had to go outside with me to feed my horses, that was Casey's favorite thing to do with me. We have ducks, and he would bark at the ducks and sit and watch them while I fed my horses. He loved barking and chasing birds also, he had so much fun outside with me.  

On Monday March 5th. I didnt even call the vet, I took him right down, and the vet said lets do exploratory surgery, when I dropped him off, I gave him a hug and left, never did I think I would not see him again. I got the call from the vet 3 hours later, that he had found a tumor in his stomach, there was nothing he could do for him, so he sewed him up, but after he was done Casey stopped breathing. Casey went very peaceful, I am so glad while we were still at home I got on the floor with him and told him no matter what happens today I will always love him, I will never forget him. He nudged my arm, I know he knew how much I love him, and he gave me so much love back. I am so thankful for the moment we spent together at home, because with him dying on the table, I did not get that final goodbye. But the vet said, Casey made the choice for us, he went on his own, I did not have to go back in and make the decision to put him down.  

Casey was the most loveable dog, he gave me so much, he and I were together all the time, he would do everything with me, he waited for me in the mornings to go into my office and to sit with me on the couch, he sat with me all the time, he was my wonderful Aussie. Casey would feed with me every day, I would say, lets go feed the horses and ducks, he would bark to me when I ask him if he loved me, he would shake when he wanted a doggy treat. The house is so lonely without him, it has been a month now, and it really is not any easier. I know he is out of pain, he was so healthy his 10 1/2 years with me, It was so hard to accept that he got sick so fast, and I lost him, I tried so hard to save him. I will never forget you my Aussie friend, I hope to get to see you again some day, my beloved friend. You gave me so much, Rest in peace.  

Luv, your momma

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