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Our special companion, Cain, was a very important part of our family. He was an elegant being full of compassion and love. He was with us for 13 years and the time was all too short. Cain will never leave our hearts and we are grateful for the blessing of having him part of our lives.

While our grief is not as overwhelming as it was at first, we are still lost without our Cain.  When he died we had him cremated and we set off white balloons on a very cloudy day.  It was wonderful to see the balloons rise up higher and higher and as they did, some of the clouds parted and sun shined through.  The balloons went right into that opening and into the sunlight until they could no longer be seen.  We read a prayer for Cain that I had written and my family tells me it has helped with the loss.  I know it has helped me and I read it often. Thanks for listening and for reading our prayer.

A prayer for Cain    

Dear God, we give you Cain.  You loaned him to us for thirteen years and for that we are profoundly grateful.  This graceful, elegant being became a member of our family from the first moment we saw him.  As a pup we wondered at his energy and love of life; as he grew older we marveled at his intelligence and compassion; and in his later years we suffered with him as aging interfered with his youth and exuberance.  Still, his eyes never lost their warmth and his tail never stopped beating out a rhythm whenever someone he loved came near or called his name.  He was a worrier, God, always trying to cheer us up when we were down, or barking frantically whenever one of us was outside without him, as if to say “I can’t take care of you if you don’t take me with you.” He kissed away tears, placed his toys in our laps to comfort us in bad times, and never once lessened his loyalty and love.  And now, God, he is with you.  We envy you that.  His earthly family misses him beyond measure, and while we know you are taking good care of him, our grief is overwhelming.  We ask that you bless this wonderful spirit with heavenly fields of green to run in, with beams of sunlight to bathe in, and with the knowledge that he will always be carried within our hearts.  We pray, dear God, that when it is our time to come home, Cain will be there first to welcome us, with tail thumping and eyes smiling.   Bless him, God, this princely soul, this Cain.

The Prilliman Family and Brian J.

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