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Our family dog, Buster, was a very big part of our family and his loss has been as painful as losing a close friend or family member. We always referred to him as being more human than dog as he preferred to be with his family rather than with other dogs. Buster, like all retrievers, loved to fetch balls. His favorite thing to do was when he got tired of fetching tennis balls he would lay on the grass and chew it up.  We must have gone through hundreds of tennis balls in his lifetime.  Buster was also fortunate to live on a lake so swimming and fetching a ball from the water was also one of his favorite things to do, which he did often. He could do that for hours.  One of Buster's cutest quirks were that he loved fetching "eggs." We have chickens so when we would go out to the chicken coop to get eggs he would excitedly follow us out there in hopes of getting one that was cracked or that we would drop one.  Inevitably we would give in to his begging and throw an egg into our wheat field and he would go in search of it until he sniffed it out and ate the broken egg.
Buster was also the most gentle and easy going dog I could ever imagine.  With two young kids in our family, he was always tolerant of their roughness and never once did he get mad at them.  Even with Buster gone, there are many pleasant reminders of him that will always be there....the permanent scratches on the wood floor, the hole he dug by the office, the family photo (with him included) hanging on the wall . Even the things that at the time we didn't like such as the dog hair we still find around, or him laying on the floor exactly where you need to be are all now fond memories of when he was around.
When Buster began to get sick from what we think turned out to be Cushings disease, we agreed we would do all we could to save him, but if he ever were to be suffering with no hope to save him we would have him put to sleep. On August 13th, 2007 we came to that conclusion and the next day we did one of the hardest things I could ever imagine doing in my lifetime.  We gave Buster one last kiss then said goodbye to him forever.  Buster is now in his favorite place.....down by the lake and he will forever be retrieving the ball that is with him.
We miss and love you very much Buster Beaner Weiner !

Gary S.

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