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Brunwick was a rascal. Even though he was a cat, he somehow thought of himself as part dog. He would look my way and wait for me to say "Come here Brunsie" and off he'd be leaping into my lap. He was with me every morning as I dried my hair. In the kitchen watching (and sometimes jumping on the counter) when I would prepare a meal. Upon returning home from work I would often see little paw prints on the stove or countertops. He owned the place and made sure that I didn't forget it.

  At night, Brunsie just had to sleep with me. If I was turned toward the wall, he would snuggle up along my back. If I was facing out, he would expect to cuddle and sleep. Of course, Brunswick snored. The cutest little snores one could imagine. Our other cat, Sinclair, misses him greatly. He actually looks for him or, at least, so I imagine. They spent some 15 years together.
He was a great pet and a buddy to boot. We know that the memory of this little guy will be eternal. We miss him bunches and only hope that he's found our other pet, Fred (our toy poodle). Fred should keep him good company and show him the ropes. Fred will enjoy having another kinda dog to hang out with.

Dorothy and Glenna

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