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In Memory of Our Beloved...


Bronson [Bogangles B] This is definitely not his best angle but he’s doing what he loved, wading after sticks at Rockaway beach Oregon. My wife’s mom had just months earlier met with a sudden accident and been killed. Our son Gabe was extremely attached to her and to help him as well as Kim and I get through the grieving process we went looking for a Golden Retriever puppy to join our family.Prior to getting out of the car at the home of the first litter we were to see, I emphasized that we would look at several litters prior to making a final decision.

While the rest of the litter played amongst themselves The one with wise eyes came over and climbed into my lap throwing all my plans out the window. Bronson became Gabe’s brother a member of our family in the truest sense. We had the extreme honor of being the focus of the his blinding love for 13 years and he the happiness of that love reflected back to him by Kim, Gabe and myself as well as for that matter anyone who ever spent time with him. If angels wear socks you can bet that several socks have come up missing.

Kim and David B.

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