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In Memory of Our Beloved...



There are so many memories & stories to tell about my sweet Brandy.  He was almost 18 years old.
Brandy was not a people cat, rather he was a person cat and I was his person.  He was my loyal friend and companion.  He was my shadow, would follow me everywhere.  Although he also loved my husband.
Brandy loved to chew on plastic bags etc, funniest thing.  He was a house cat but would love to venture outside when it was sunny only as long as I was with him and the door was left open.
Beautiful cat!!
Brandy had a Doberman that respected him and stayed out of his way, we know they secretly loved each other as we would find them sleeping in bed side by side.
I love my Brandy and miss him beyond words-he will always be in my heart.
I LOVE you Brandy!

The Adams Family

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