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Bradshaw was saved from the puppy mill in Houston, TX in January 1995.  She was always getting into trouble as a puppy, a great escape artist.  She wanted to be with people all the time, and was so sad when you left the house.  When we moved to WA in 1999, Bradshaw was my constant companion on the long road trip.  She loved going in the car, but wasn't too fond of the camping.  She slept in the car at night instead!  Over the years, her smile grew bigger and her love to everyone was great.  She loved to roam the yard, scaring away the stray cats or squirrels and had such a love for life.  She was so wonderful with the baby too, even stopped her from falling down the stairs once.  Although she had had 2 knee surgeries and stomach surgery to remove a rib bone, she always recovered quickly and was back to her smiling self.  The tumor that was her demise came upon her quickly and we were so saddened by her sudden decrease in smiles.  She will be greatly missed, as the house is so quiet without her. 

Kyle and Tiffany P.

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