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Bourbon was a very special cocker spaniel. He was an incredibly loyal, loving, affectionate boy. When we rode in the car he would lay his head on my shoulder and wait until I would lay my head on to his. Just to let me know he was there and he loved me.. It was incrdeibly hard to do the right thing and have him put to sleep, but to watch him in pain was even harder. I miss him way more than I thought was possible. I pray that there is a cure for all of his problems so no other famliy feels the loss that we did. I am one of those people that treat there pets as good as they treat their children. Why have them if you can't spoil them. He went every where with me, even though he ejoyed some things way less than others. We are talking about a boy that hated motorcycles, but would get on a quad just to be with me. I loved it when he rode with me, what a talented little dog, he would hold on and just let the wind blow in his face. He would have never gotten on one if I wasn't on it, that was how he loved me, and I loved him the same. I want the vet clinic that made the donation in Bourbon's name to know that I feel that was a very incredibly thoughtful, generous gift that I will treasure along with Bourbon's memory. Thank you all for hearing what a wonderful pet that "my special boy" was to me and my daughter.. He is now in Gods hands!! I will always miss and love Bourbon with all of my heart!!

Stephanie C.

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