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In Memory of Our Beloved...



Bo came into our lives on a cold, wet evening in February of 2001. He made quite an appearance, having crossed our front yard and caused all of the security lighting to come on. He walked right into the house when we opened the door. He was matted, wet and very thin, but appeared to be healthy. We fed him a can of tuna, a can of Friskies cat food and some fry kibbles, and he immediately laid down on the living room rug and went to sleep. We shared our lives with him for a little over 6 years, and he was a real loving companion
Bo was always ready to go for a walk, he accompanied us when we worked in the yard, and went to the mail box every day with us.  He liked to ride to the store in the morning to get the newspaper, and he always made his morning rounds to inspect the property. He is greatly missed.

Warren S.

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