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Bilbo Baggins

  Bilbo Baggins

Bilbo Baggins, 15 years young is no longer with me.  She brought joy and smiles to anyone who met her.  She won them over by first greating them with a "wolf whistle" then lots of cooing and chatter.  She really loved an audiance.  She traveled with me in my car, went camping on the Rogue River, and had friends all around her many homes.  This little bird had more offers to adopt her than you can imagine.  The only animal I have ever allowed to beg she did it quite well.  If  I was in the kitchen she had to try anything I was eating, especially scrambled eggs, chicken, and cheddar cheese (a favorite).  It has been several months now but I still listen for her whistle when I come home from work, have caught myself cutting a small piece of cheese for her and thinking Baggins would like a bit of this.  I loved this little bird and feel very lucky to have had the time I did with her.  Bilbo died quitely in the comfort of my hands.  Goodbye sweet little bird...goodbye.

Tami L.

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