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Bhagwan (³The Bog²) was, of course, unique in many ways, but she was undeniably pure lab as the following story attests. Before we bought a house with ³her pool,² The Bog¹s swimming was done primarily at ³grandma and grandpa¹s² pool. When we would go to their house to escape the desert heat, The Bog would start becoming frantic as soon as we got within a mile of their home. Upon arrival at their house, any rule about behaving on the leash nominally observed under the best of circumstances would be discarded in a mad effort to drag me through the house so that she could leap into the pool. One day, when The Bog was about 18 months old, grandma invited us over to see an antique cement bench she had just purchased and placed in her garden alcove outside her front door. Of course, we brought The Bog along to go swimming. She dragged me from the car toward the front door, where she ³encountered² grandma¹s new cement bench with her head.
The Bog hit that 200+ pound bench with her forehead and never broke stride as it collapsed and shattered into a dozen pieces. She dragged me through the kitchen and out the back door as I muttered some lame apology to my mother-in-law. To her everlasting credit, grandma did not bat an eye and only smiled as The Bog launched herself a good ten feet into their pool.
Bhagwan-- hard-headed, willful and sometimes destructive-- was nevertheless so full of love and life that she always brought a smile to someone¹s face, even when she had just destroyed their prized new possession. That was our Bhagwan.

Michael O. and Celia R.

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