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Berkeley bounded into the world on the morning of the Northridge earthquake and never stopped bouncing until she died thirteen and a half years later.  She was a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, AKC registered, but not a show dog.  She was my dog, a Christmas present from my husband, and a much-loved member of our family. 
Berkeley liked to play with her toys, undergarments left on the floor, other family pets and especially the vacuum cleaner.  She would approach the machine on a run, bark at it and retreat as the sweeper moved toward her.  She loved people--strangers as well as friends--and always greeted them by jumping on them despite numerous admonitions not to.  Her tail would move back and forth non-stop.  As an aside, she won the tail-wagging contest at a Wheaten Fun Day taking home a first place ribbon and a photo album as her prize.
Berkeley had an amazing ability to jump straight into the air without taking a running start.  She would shoot directly up and continue to do so as if she were on a trampoline.
I took Berkeley to beginning and intermediate puppy classes when she was about six months old.  She was a fast learner and mastered the usual commands of sit, stay, come, etc. but only obeyed them when it suited her.  Agility class was different.  There she learned to jump through hoops, fly over hurdles, parade up and down teeter-totters and across suspension bridges with the aplomb of a super model--on command.  This class was fun, not like those boring old puppy classes.
The house is quieter now without Berkeley.  Empty.  It’s especially strange to come home and not find her at the door or running to greet me.  She gave me unconditional love and brought me so much joy.  I miss her terribly, but I am ever so grateful to have had her in my life.

Patty L.

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