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My very best friend in the whole world
died last night….
Last night, August 30, 2007, my very best friend in the world died of congestive
heart failure. He was my 12 and a half year old English Bulldog American Champion
Naughty Hunk's I AM THE BEEF aka "BEEF".
BEEF and I met 12 and a half years ago when I was seventeen years old. I was
simply going to go "look" at bulldogs that were in the newspapers. Well, the very
first place I stopped I found the most interesting little puppy in the whole world.
He was a pure solid white bundle of wrinkles with a personality all his own. He
was off wandering and exploring far away from his littermates. I knew when the
little white puppy rolled down the freshly tilled flowerbed and rose at the bottom
a darkly sprinkled mess this was my boy! At 17 I did not have the entire $1250 it
took to buy him. So, I made monthly payments to the breeder- it was the best
$1250 I have ever spent because he gave me millions of dollars in his love.
He was truly the most magnificent creature on the outside as well as the inside.
He won more titles and ribbons in the ring than most dogs could ever do, taking
home a Best In Show and beating 1200 other dogs for the prize. But, he was my
prize because when times were bad we had each other. I always knew I could
come home and he would be there ready to give me his Bulldog sourmug expression
all the while his heart exuding love.
I cannot express how much he will be missed. And, as he died in my arms last
night I was there when he took his last breath all the while saying, "I love you
BIG DOG...go onto heaven now…and wait for me at the rainbow bridge... I love
you now and forever."
And, I always will. I will always love my BIG DOG BEEF. He was a Champion
among Champions and my very, very best friend. I will always love him. I will
always love my BEEF.

Beth D.

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