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In Memory of Our Beloved...



I feel so blessed to have had Beauregarde in my life for 15 wonderful years.  He was such a great companion.  Beau carried his puppy playfulness with him into his older age.  Beau had the biggest personality which seemed like a magnet that drew the attention of so many people to him.  He loved his weekend rides in the car and would insist upon them by sitting next to the car in a very determined manner.  He also loved to play.  He would pretend that he was burying his treats in the corner of a room  He would pretend to dig, place the treat in a pretend hole, then would pretend to cover the treat using his nose.  It was always so amusing to watch him do this.  I often referred to him as invincible because he always bounced back from whatever ailed him.  Beau was such a great companion and I miss him terribly.

Sara H.

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