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After my dog Cyndee, passed away (after having been with my family for 16 years)  I was distraught without her, so to compensate for the loss, I threw myself into "re-decorating" the family fish aquarium. So one day about two weeks after Cyndee passed away, my sister and I went to  a local pet store to get aquarium supplies.  The first thing we saw when we walked in was a cute little black and white fur ball.  He was all alone in the cage and looked sooooo depressed and without a friend in the world!  I am a sucker for puppies and since I was missing my dog, Cyndee, I adopted the 9 week old 8 pound puppy. My sister and I took him home where everyone fell in love with him.  Well, Mom and Dad tried not to like him but they were eventually won over.  
Bauer grew fast (to 60 lbs) and so did our friendship.  Bauer became my best friend!!  We did everything together.  We would go to the river and swim, go running and even shopping!  Bauer didn't always approve of my boyfriends but was always there for me when I got my heart broken!  When I met my husband, Bauer wasn't quite sure what to think of him but soon did realize what a great guy and soon grew to love him. 
After I got married, my husband and moved to Wisconsin.  Shortly after we were settled in our apartment, Bauer flew out to live with us.  From then there out the three of us had many great adventures!  Bauer traveled all over the United States with us (Washington DC, Virginia, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, all over the Midwest) and then even moved backto the West Coast. 
One of Bauer's favorite thing was water.  He loved to "get the water".  He  swam in the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, The Great Lakes, rivers in several different states and even a lake in Virginia.   He also loved to go to the Dog park and to go "puppy store shopping" (a trip to PetSmart).   Bauer loved to meet new people. When we would go to the dog park, he was there to meet new people and get petted....forget about the other dogs. Though when he did find a doggie friend, he would play and play and play!!
I could go on forever about Bauer!  I am truly very blessed to have had him in my life to love.  We had 15 and a half absolutely wonderful years together. The years went by way too quickly.  Bauer taught me the meaning of unconditional love.  He was always there for me know matter what in the good times and the bad times. 
Bauer, Daddy and I love you and always will.  We will never forget you!!  You are our sweet special baby boy!  Lova, lova, lova, lov you!!!!

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