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In Memory of Our Beloved...



Barney, the angel with a tail and paws became part of our family when he was a pup.  He was with us for eight years then he left to stay with God.  He blessed our family.  He always loved us, was a servant to all, and loved us unconditionally.     

-K.(age 11)


10 things I loved about Barney... 1) He was cute, 2) He was funny, 3) He let me dress him up in play clothes, 4) He liked to lay down on soft things on the floor, 5) He liked to sleep with me, 6) He liked his ears being rubbed, 7) He didn’t like going outside by himself, 8) He loved his leash and going for walks, 9) He loved his morning treat, 10) He liked to play with me.  

-S.(age 9)


We all miss Barney!! He was a great dog!

The Bochsler Family

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