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My beloved little kitty, Bailey, died May 11 of 2007. He was such a big part of the fabric of my life that I felt part of me went with him that day.
I adopted Bailey and his brother, Hazel, at eight weeks of age from friends. They were the most special gift for me at that time in my life and perhaps for all of my life.
Bailey had health issues most of his life and required daily medication. In spite of this, he was the most cheerful, cuddly, lovable little guy. I learned much from him by watching him deal with his chronic health problems with such grace and dignity.
Along with his warm, gentle and sunny disposition, Bailey had an adorable pushy, feisty side. When I wasn’t getting up quickly enough in the morning to suit him, he would start nudging the lampshade so it would hit the wall or the phone so it would rattle. If that didn’t work, he would slap the window blinds so hard that they hit the window. That one worked every time!
I arrived home from work two days before he died to find him in terrible distress. I took him to the emergency vet clinic hopeful that he still had some of his nine lives left. When he wasn’t any better the following evening, I talked to him about what he wanted – whether he wanted to continue living or if he was ready to go. I let him know I would do whatever it took to help him get better or that I would let him go if that is what he wanted – all he needed to do was to let me know. By the next morning, he was much weaker and I knew he was telling me what he wanted. I took him home to die.
 I spent all that day with him which gave me time to tell him how much I loved him, what he meant to me and how much I was going to miss him. My vet came to my house that evening and sent him on his journey over the rainbow bridge. I knew it was what was best for Bailey but selfishly I wanted him with me for years and years more. Each day I find comfort knowing he is with me wherever I go, tucked safely into that special place in my heart belonging only to him.

Jackie A.

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