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Bailey was the first dog I’ve ever had.  After years of searching for the perfect companion, I found her.  Seeing a picture of her at 10 days old, I knew she was the perfect dog for me.  I wasn’t prepared for the overwhelming love I would feel for her when I picked her up to bring her home.  I fell in love with her.  She became my protector, my comedian, and my best friend.  She filled an emptiness in my heart like no human ever could.  She loved me with all her heart each and every day, and never judged me.  I could come home from a bad day at work and she would listen to every word I said, and without fail, lick all the tears away.  She was the perfect dog, and I feel so honored I was able to be her mom.  Her life was cut way too short.  Officially diagnosed at WSU with an inoperable heart murmur, she died three weeks later on 5/23/2007.
I miss her terribly.  She loved to go for walks at the college, rides in the truck, and just being with her people.  She knew where I hid her favorite bacon treats, and would smile when I gave her one.
Bailey—I miss your puggie snort, your beautiful face and your velvet ears.  I miss telling you about my day, watching you run in the grass and play with your toys.  I miss the way you made me laugh, and the way you snuggled up when we watched T.V.  I guess I just miss my best friend.  I love you.

Jennifer S.

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