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Baby Boots

  Baby Boots

Baby was not just a cat she was saved as a month old kitten by my late husband when he came home to freshen up after staying at the hospital continually after I had been a passenger in a near fatal car crash. He saw this three cats out the window before he left & the light turned on. He thought of me what I would do & knew he had to try to save them. He brought out the tuna & milk but our Baby Boots was the only one to dare come to him.
I came home two weeks later to this sick baby & I her
new mom only being able to use one arm at that time
and head injured so to bend over the room spun.
The short of it is even though my husband
passed in a split second this little girl
filled my life with unconditional love
and the greatest of joys that only I hold in my heart.

Janice C.

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