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In Memory of Our Beloved...



There are many great stories about BK; after all, he was uniquely intelligent and personable. He lived for nearly 17 years before his kidneys finally quit, and he never expected anything but love from all he met (even the burglar, but that's another story). One of our favorite memories involved a household move we made over a period of several months. BK was very puzzled about the ever-growing stack of boxes in the living room, and even more so when the boxes were taken away, along with much of the furniture. He seemed sure we were losing our minds, but he humored us. Finally the day came when we put him in his carrier and drove to the new house, where all our furnishings were in place. We set down the carrier and opened it. As soon as BK stepped out, he recognized familiar stuff; you could see him thinking, "Aha - THAT's what they were up to!" He was at home immediately and hung out with us and our friends while we ate pizza. BK, we miss you and you'll always have your own very special place in our hearts.

The BK Family

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