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In Memory of Our Beloved...



Arrow didn't enter our lives until he was in his late twenties, but the love and lessons he gave us will last a lifetime. He was my introduction back to horses at the age of 43 after being away from them for nearly 30 years. Because of the wonderful older gelding, I learned to love them all over again. He was my baby, my teacher and my best friend. He was on of the smartest horses I have ever been around, he could figure out how to open any gate and get just about anywhere he wanted to go. My ten year old daughter adored him and taught her how to ride and instilled in her the love of horses. We had only 3 short years with this majestic horse, but he will live forever in our hearts, and we know that he will be waiting for us one day at the rainbow bridge, and the three of us will ride off together, forever!

Gina M.

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