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In Memory of Our Beloved...



This is my sweet Amy, Pug of my heart.  She was a show girl, who really didn't want to show, so she took an early retirement.  She was also a fixture at the educational booth of the Puget Sound Pug Dog Club, her quiet good nature helped to inform countless people about Pugs.  At home she was a princess, she liked to sit in her own chair and survey her kingdom.  At mealtime she had her own special "dinner dance", at bedtime we had a "roll and rub" routine that she so enjoyed.  I'll never forget the time she climbed up on the hood of the car as I was sitting inside cleaning the windows and stared in at me with indignation, how could leave her outside!  She also liked to walk across the back of the sofa and, if you left a chair pushed out, the dining table was fair game.  One of her nicknames was Mountain Goat.  She left us far too soon and she took a piece of me with her when she went.  I love you Amy and I miss you.




Carolyn B.

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