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Alice was a rescue chick. We got her on a trip to the feed store when a surly clerk thrust her upon us after we told him that one of the chicks in his display cage had been pasted up for 2 days. We didn't know at the time what a favor the clerk was doing for us. Though we already had 30 chickens, we took Alice home, along with 2 of her siblings to keep her company. Alice, and her sisters Droopy and Sylvia were the lights of the flock. Always first out of the pen and the last to go in at night, they had boundless energy and enthusiasm. Alice was especially curious and never passed by an open door into the house without coming in. She had such personality! Her mischievous ways earned her the nickname of "scamp". She laid eggs that seemed much too large for her diminutive size, and due to a slightly malformed oviduct, her eggs had wrinkly shells. They were much prized by our neighbors, and everyone wanted to make sure that they got at least one of Alice's eggs. Alice lead what we hope was a happy chicken's life, free ranging every day, having the run of our acreage, eating fresh corn from the garden and hearty bread from the kitchen and retiring to a safe and secure roost every night. Very sadly Alice has passed, as have her sisters Droopy and Sylvia. But they are in our hearts, remembered with love every day and very much missed.

Keith B.

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