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Abbey joined our family in January 1995 at 8 weeks of age. As with all pups, she had an energized zest for life. When young kids came to visit, she thought she was one of them and they thought she was, too. Games of tag and hide and seek went on for hours on end. Whether she was playing with small children or small dogs, Abbey played with the gentleness of a lamb while letting her playmates think she was giving it her all. Being part Labrador Retriever and part Chesapeake Bay Retriever, she was true to form, possessing a strong build, high intelligence, kind and gentle ways, and an affectionate protective nature; i.e., an ideal family companion.

   And yes, she loved the water, that is, until it reached her belly, at which point she back-peddled to remain in the shallows (just one small quirk in relation to the retriever traits).

Abbey grew to know many tricks, some self-taught including opening the refrigerator and cupboard doors when no one was looking. She matured into a dog full of grace and decorum, winning over one and all, while always maintaining the spirit of a puppy.

Abbey was an integral part of our family, giving each of us unending love and devotion. Some of her passions included helping Taylor with his paper route and catching snowballs, being one of the girls at Erin’s slumber parties, going for walks with Janell, and beating John at tug-of-war. Abbey provided us with laughter, comfort, and richness beyond measure. She was happiest when she was with us and we were happiest when we were with her. With great sadness, because of cancer, we said good-by to our dear girl in December 2006.

Quote by Carlotta Monterey O’Neill: “Dogs' lives are too short. Their only fault, really.”

Abbey, until we meet again, we hope you know how much we love and miss you.

John, Janell, Erin, and Taylor B.

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