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Simon (6/28/1988 - 1/30/2007) was more than just a cat, he was family and friend for almost 19 years, and he will be missed but never forgotten. I got Simon as a kitten when I was a Junior in college. During many long hours of studies he received and got used to a lot of attention. With that said, he was a very affectionate and friendly cat to anyone who would oblige. In the last 18 1/2 years he has been a companion for me through many long nights of studying when I was younger or lonely nights when my husband traveled.

  He was my comfort blanket or teddy bear through the night. He was loved by me, my husband and 3-year old daughter, and many of my family. Simon was first diagnosed with Kidney issues in 2000. I know that we have been fortunate and blessed to have had Simon with us for the last 6 1/2 years.The work and care provided by Dr. Wood and her group at the Wandermere Animal Hospital was vital during that time. Their help, and the love and care provided at home I know is what made him survive. He had a healthy and happy life until the last few days of his life and for that I am grateful. We will miss him.

Liz and Tim A.

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