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My husband was working out of the country and so my son thought I needed a dog. Well, that is how I got my Lucy, as a gift from my son. She was a puppy so we had all the fun that goes with training, accidents and learning all new things. I fell in love with her right off and she became a very good friend. She always slept by my leg and I didn't ever feel alone. She loved to go for car rides and walks. Her favorite was plain hamburgers. No one could walk past the house without me knowing about it. She loved bones and playing with her toys. She greeted everyone at the door. Over the years she developed a few problems health wise but was always so sweet and loving. She finally became totally blind and diabetes was too much. To help me with her loss I made a memory box for her with her collar, photos, tags, and the wonderful paw print Dr Benson made for me.

  There is a quote from Roger Caras “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." That is so true for our little friends. I know I will see her again and she will be able to see and run and play and be my friend again. Miss you Lucy...
-Your Family XOX

The Winder Family

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