College of Veterinary Medicine Home Pet Loss Hotline

There are still tears, my dearest girl. You were considered unadoptable all those years ago. I saw your pure fear in that kennel, quiet and trembling amidst all the other barking dogs without homes. I sat with you and brought you home. You proved to have the many issues of a frightened, insecure dog and were returned to that cement kennel by a man putting his foot down. Together you and I learned to play, work, then rest and trust. And again I brought you home. Such a smart girl. You loved your kitties and, when they left you one by one, you mourned their loss. When a rescued kitty came into your home, you were just certain it was one of yours that had returned.  

  We thought a heart attack was moments away when all 130lbs of you bounded to greet and love the new creature. This creature had never seen anything the likes of you but weeks went by and you were fast friends. She too left you. Sadie, you were so loved and touched so many lives. Thank you for trusting me and becoming everyone's friend. Your struggle with lupus and age was something we could not help you overcome. In the last few weeks, when walking in the snow became a struggle that wore you down, it became clear that joy was leaving you. I think of you chasing snowflakes so many years ago and smile. Go play my beautiful girl. I can only trust that I will see you again. You are in my heart forever. Thank you for years of exploring trails and sharing pillows. And thanks for teaching me so very much.

Cindy and Mike D.

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