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How Colors came to be. My mom decided that for her birthday, she wanted a dog. So we went to the pound and saw this little Dalmatian mix just sitting there, scared to death.

We decided right then and there that she was the one. When we went to adopt her, they told us that she had been killing sheep and that is why she was there. We really could not believe it, but it was true. (of course, she was not the only one).

Colors was 11/2 when we adopted her and she had so many experiences with us. She went to the ocean, had her own stocking, presents under the tree, her own toy box full of toys, went everywhere in the car with us and whatever else she desired.

Colors had been the only baby for 12 years, when we decided to adopt a 4 month old Dalmatian black lab mix name Starburst. There was some mixed emotions at first, but they soon adjusted to each other.


On April 27th, 2006 Colors became extremely ill and there was nothing anyone could do to save her. It was horrible. She had been in our life for 14 years and then all of the sudden she was gone.

I do not believe that we will ever find another one like her because she was unique in every way. She will always be missed, but never forgotten. She was and is a gift from God


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