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Our sweet girl, Trey, strayed into our lives when she was seven months old while we still lived in Alaska. She stayed almost seventeen years. Trey and I had a very special bond. I do believe we understood each other. She had so many different sounds which all meant different things. I believe it was very much her own way of talking. She was obedient, forgiving, and loving, and taught both Ron and I much about life and loving during her short time with us.  The last two years Trey had special needs so we faithfully gave her a bath weekly because she couldn't clean herself anymore. She never lost her radiance or charm...a good kitty even though her prolonged arthritic condition.

  The day we took her to say good-bye I knew it was time because I could tell that is what she wanted. And so when she went the last person she saw was me and that last words of love she heard were mine.

They don't pass easily these pets who share our lives. There is an empty space in all her old places but most of all in our hearts.
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