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What a loyal, faithful friend Tita was. And what lessons she taught us in selfless devotion and loyalty. A border collie that we got from a previous owner, Tita at once struck us as very smart and somewhat moody. Who knows what her past was like? Nevertheless, the connection was immediate upon seeing her and there was no question she was ours, and we were hers. I've read stories about pets "choosing" their owners, and this was truly one of those times. She bounded into our car, eager to go to her new home.

  Even at her somewhat advanced age (probably 10 or 11) she still liked to play, chase and be chased. You could really see the herding instincts there; she could turn on a dime and boy, could she run! Her favorite place was with us, at our feet when we drank coffee on a Saturday morning, or lying on the floor when we watched a video.  She was very nervous around lightning and thunder and would hide in the closet, but was fearless when it came to protecting her turf and the ones she loved. Tita, we will always love you so very, very much.  Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for being such a good dog, a good friend, and a great teacher and inspiration. Your passing was agony, but the memories are so sweet.

Claudia M.

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