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 We were Spinner's third owners in 3 years. We already had a dog, Brika, a lab-mix we rescued when someone dumped her. Spinner needed a home, and we brought him over to meet Brika, to see how they got along. That visit turned into a weekend, just to try him out. We just kept on trying him out, for 6 years.

Spinner had a sweet disposition and was convinced that each person who walked through the door was there to pet him.


However, he had no "off" switch on his appetite, and he was clever enough to break into the pantry and feast on dog food and garbage. In the six years we had Spinny, he ate at least a dozen hamburger buns, 14 loaves of bread, popcorn balls, cookies, 16 cinnamon-applesauce ornaments, and part of a salt-dough map of Mozambique. He would eat just about anything. His appetite and iron stomach were legendary in our family.

He would spin around and around when he was excited, and dinnertime was just about the most exciting thing in the world. We swore he could tell time, since he would begin whining about an hour (ok, sometimes two hours) before dinner. His whining was relentless. And then we had to deal with the flatulence. That was one gassy dog! I think he thought his other name was "Pee-yew, Spinny, you stink!" Still, he was a sweet dog who only wanted to please.

He got very ill one summer, and was so anemic he almost died. We didn't know he was ill until he stopped eating. He hid his illness until he was near death. Dr. Batdorf did a superior job that summer, and Spinner recovered. Just this August, we noticed one Tuesday that he just picked at his food, and the next night he ate even less. We took him to Vista Veterinary Clinic and Dr. Batorf. He was so very ill, and good dogs shouldn't have to suffer. We said goodbye to him that Saturday.

He was a good dog with a huge appetite and a heart to match. We miss that guy.

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