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When we came back from vacation to our former home in Maryland, my husband and I found a small kitten in our backyard. Kitty was about 3 months old and frightened. It took me 3 months to get kitty to come near me. I would feed the cat and walk away so he would come near to eat. Then one day kitty came near and I picked him up and brought him in our house. I convinced my husband to keep him. I took kitty to the local vet to get all the shots. That was in 1989. Then in 1998 we moved to Florida. Sparky came with us.

  During our many stops I let him out of his cage but held him, so he could get fresh air. I gave Sparky water by hand. Then we stayed over night in North Carolina near the border. I had Sparky on a leash but he got out of the collar and ran into the woods. I though we would lose him. We all decided to go out and eat and when we came back to the motel I went over to the fence and called him and to my surprise I heard a meow. Kitty then came to me and I picked him up and took him inside. The next morning he was by the door so we would not leave him behind. Sparky went to our new home and got acquainted with other cats. Then we moved again to another home in the same area and he moved with us.

Sparky and my husband became good friends. Sparky new my husband was getting very sick from Diabetes. Every morning Sparky would come by my husband’s bedside and greeted him. Then Sparky got sick so we took him to the vet. We miss Sparky. My husband died April 11 and Sparky would look for him but could not find him. Sparky died soon after.

Kay R.
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