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Our baby girl Sophie. You brought such fun and joy to us. We loved all your little "habits".... the way you walked around mumbling and chattering as if you were having a little conversation with whomever would listen..... the way you loved any sort of shiny surface and would roll around on the glass coffee table or wiggle around on the wood floors, pushing your feet against the walls to scoot along.... you loved biting into plastic, leaving your little teeth marks to show you had been there. You seemed to approach everything with a sort of recklessness.... jumping up on the table without really assessing if you could make it and sometimes you would come tumbling down... you would chase a fly around and be so focused on your "catch" that you would crash into things.

You were so beautiful with your big golden eyes and the color and markings on your fur... everyone who saw you, wanted to pet you; but you had an attitude about what people you wanted to socialize with and definitely who would touch you..... allowing friends to get within a hand's reach of petting you and then suddenly you would dart off.

I miss you so much and all the times we spent together. You were my personal alarm clock; my little heater at night; my nap partner; my entertainment many times; my watch dog with those great big ears; and above all else my little loving shadow that gave me such pleasure, comfort, companionship and love. You are with me always. Con abbracci e baci. XOXOXOXO

Thank you to all of the staff at Companion Animal Wellness Center and in particular to Drs. Alexander, Haggar and Newnham for the many times they took care of Sophie and for the support they have given me.

Susan & FXI
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